Expert wireless Sales, Support, Engineering and Consultation Services 

Networxit manages and consults to number of large NZ Company and School wifi networks.

Director/Owner Brent Sergent has extensive wireless expertise which dates back to 2006. His deep technical knowledge, experience including partner reach will give you peace of mind. 


    • Design
    • Site Surveys
    • Troubleshooting & remediation
    • Licensing
    • Hardware Sales
    • Wifi Bridging
    • Audits 
    • Warehousing Solutions
    • Ruckus Sales & Support 
    • Wifi Training

Wireless Network Bridging 

If you need to extend your network beyond hardwire/cabling constraints then consider a wireless bridge.

We’ve provided wireless bridging solutions for a number of companies where the bridge connects the office, warehouse or remote site back to the main network internet point of presence. 

“Oh we looked into a wireless bridge but there’s a big tree in the way preventing line of sight”  900Mhz wifi can bust through obstacles like foliage and trees. We’ve successfully used this solution in an orchard connecting a   staff house to main site busting through dense trees and a hedge row.